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We have been developing custom software for  the USA and Europe for 14 years now. With over 100 employees on board, we are growing fast. But it’s not about numbers for us: it’s about building a mature team of tech heads who are genuinely interested in solving client problems and creating products that work.

Most of our team members are based in Penza, Russia, and the rest are scattered throughout the world. We work with an extensive tchnology stack and deal with lots of interesting and complex tasks. We also build and launch our own products in fintech, healthcare and e-commerce.

Our values

Join our team of passionate people,
who make cool products that are not made by many others.


It’s when you want to be really good at what you do. When you aren’t afraid of experimenting with new tech if the old ways just won’t cut it. And when you’re rooting for the product even when it’s no longer your responsibility.

Complex tasks

We develop high-load software products that tackle complex business processes. Some of those are mission-critical systems for healthcare and finance.

Latest techs

Very rarely do we use outdated technologies in our projects. It’s increasingly about trending stuff, such as blockchain, crypto and machine learning.

Extensive stack

If you want to boost your professional value by picking up new technologies, your more experienced teammates will always be there to help.

Respecting employee time

We believe good work is impossible without a good rest. We do our best not to ask our people for longer hours, and we reward emergency work by paying extra or offering time off.

Flat organizational structure

Less bureaucracy, more engagement and more focus on results. At RelSys, everyone’s effort contributes to the final product, and we all share in the challenges and successes.

Fields of expertise


Blockchain, cryptocurrencies,
open banking

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Treatment planning systems for clinics and hospitals

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B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms

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Native and cross-platform development of mobile apps with a focus on high performance, security and equally great UX on all devices



Web applications and sites with well-thought-out user experiences and visual designs that won’t put you to shame

Backend and middleware

Backend and middleware

Mission-critical systems and high-load applications with constantly growing numbers of users and data



Processing, storage and analysis of large volumes of data with the help of AI and data science

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