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We have been developing custom software for companies in the US and Europe for 14 years now. With over 100 employees on board, we are growing fast. But it’s not about numbers for us: it’s about building a mature team of tech heads who are genuinely interested in solving client problems and creating products that work. Most of our team members are based in Penza, Russia, and the rest are scattered throughout the world. We work with an extensive technology stack and deal with lots of interesting and complex tasks. We also build and launch our own products in fintech, healthcare and e-commerce.

Products we’ve launched

MockBank: a platform for testing fintech applications

This is a virtual bank that allows fintech developers to test their applications and services without having to build their own testing environments or open accounts in real-life banks. With MockBank, they can generate virtually any test data: users, accounts, balances, transactions and authentication methods.

GetPayce: an instant wage access service

This service gives employees access to wages they have earned without having to wait for the official payday. They can get their money when they need it, without having to worry about unexpected expenses. Companies benefit from this, too: by giving employees instant access to their pay, they can significantly increase employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Inviroom: a virtual store for fashion brands and retailers

Inviroom is a digital platform allowing retailers to visit brands’ virtual showrooms, delve into the latest collections and pre-order; it also allows brands to easily manage multiple clients and orders in a single interface. Inviroom makes work easier on both ends; during the pandemic, when fashion exhibitions and in-person meetings were no longer possible, the platform became simply indispensable.

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